[audio] In conversation with John McCullough about this year's International

I asked John if our course this year would be as good as England was last year. John said why don't you come up and have a look and see what you think. So that's what I did over Christmas. While I was there I asked John for a few of his thoughts

John McCullough and Ian Brownlie


The making of Gill Hall into an International Course

We often see locations that would be great for the international except for a few obstacles that prevent it from being a worthy course. In the case of Gill Hall there used to be a wet hollow in the middle where the qualifying course is going to be in 2018. There was also a ditch and hedgerow dividing the course in half. These natural obstacles used to prevent the running of a supreme course there.

That was a few years ago, but then James Porter very kindly offered to remove the ditch and drain the wet place. Now thanks to James this ground lends itself to a perfect international course.

Frankie McCullough is supplying the sheep from his highly regarded Blackie flock