[audio] The Full Story - behind the scenes with Tony

We had a blog post on Churchmount a while back about round-pen training with Tony Rofe. It got some very positive feedback and quite a few questions so I decided to ask Tony of we could elaborate a little more on how useful that approach to training is.

While Tony enjoys trialling and has judged nationals and judged internationally, there is nothing he enjoys as much as breaking out young dogs and as a result over the years, he has put a huge number through his hands.

The thing that most impresses me with Tony, is just how much he can squeeze into a training session with a young dog. He must be the most efficient young dog trainer that I can think of. Tony thinks about what he is doing before he ever puts a lead on a pup, and from the moment it goes on, that pup is in training.

For anyone thinking about running a clinic on starting and training young dogs, I couldn't think of better communicator for both human and canine participants. Tony infects everything he does with enthuasiasm.

Tony Rofe